Eddie Ellwood sizing it up

Roosk is the original atlas stones company in the UK.

We specialise in the manufacture of atlas stones for professional strong men and women.

We have been supplying atlas stones to the strongman world for 8 years with great success.

The atlas stones are pre-cast in individual moulds. Each weight has its own mould so there is no adding of lead balls which may weaken the stone. The moulds were made by a specialist fibre glass manufacturer to our design.

The concrete used is ready mix supplied by local producers to our own special mixture which produces as stronger than average stone. Just check out our extreme test photos to see what we mean. Our customers page will show you some of our famous happy customers.

Stones are sold either individually or in sets of up to eleven stones. Weights range from 80 to 180Kg in 10Kg increments.

Now delivering to Europe have successfully sent to stones to delighted customers in Belgium. Please email for details.

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